Date: 2012-06-15 09:37 pm (UTC)
[Spike is still oblivious to Jeeves's Disapproving Looks. He will probably come to recognise them in due course. He may even, like Mr Wooster, come to care. Or, at any rate, hopefully he will not gleefully choose the most inappropriate costume for any occasion in an attempt to _deliberately_ garner such looks, as he does with Angelus and Darla. No, this ensemble was not chosen with malice, merely a sartorial ignorance that can only be ascribed to 'adolescence'.]

Right, Jeeves, this way.

[Spike leads the way through the house, down the stairs and through the kitchen (the scullery still bears the unfortunate signs of an attempt to make plum pudding.Fortunately, there are no human captives in the house at the moment, Angelus having stocked the cold room with bottles of the particular 'vintage' on which they subside. The butter dish, marmalade pot, empty ginger beer bottles, half-loaf of bread and slab of cheese on the kitchen table may raise Jeeves's eyebrows almost as much as finding a larderful of human captives, however.

The sink is stacked with plates and mugs, and several empty tins of baked beans litter the counter. Spike has been on a bit of a human food binge what with his elders being away and thus unable to do anything about it. He has a large cake on order from a local bakery which will be arriving sometime, and a hamper from Fortnum & Mason is also on its way.]

Well, here it is. Make yourself at home, Jeeves. When's tea?

[Spike leads the way to the Head Minion's butler's pantry,with adjoining offices and bedroom. In contrast to the state of the kitchen, these are well-ordered, and kept in a state of Spartan tidiness.]
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